EDI Express would like to recognize and thank our linehaul and local truck drivers who are hauling all essential freight to its final destination.  Without them our grocery stores medical facilities and other vital essential businesses would not be able to operate. 

We cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to helping through this crisis we are facing.


Exclusive 2-person sleeper team service.
EDI Express offers an expedited 3-5 day service between California to the Midwest and the entire East Coast. This compares with a typical 5-10 day service offered by other trucking companies.


Reduce your costs with “JIT” shipments.
We can also help lower production costs by getting raw materials and supplies from the furthest vendors by providing JIT (Just In Time) shipments that reduces inventory cycles and production downtime.


We won’t over handle your merchandise.   
We use only 2-person sleeper teams who run direct with no “break bulk” consolidation hubs. This enables us to provide fast transit times while reducing the number of times a shipment gets handled.

Hurricane Ida - Weather Alert

Due to remnants of Hurricane Ida, we are experiencing adverse weather conditions in the states of NY – NJ – PA.  A state of emergency has been declared in the Big Apple as flooding has drenched the 5 Boroughs in NY.  Flooded streets and power outages in some areas have made streets impassable.  Due to the same reason, our terminal in LA is temporarily closed. Therefore, deliveries in LA, MS and AL are also affected.


With safety and accessibility in mind, there will be limited P&D services in the above mentioned states.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment, please email services@ediexpressinc.com or call Customer service at 800-365-0100 Ext 2.


“EDI Express offers exceptional customer service & competitive prices. We would highly recommend them to anyone! We have been working with EDI for over three years, and we have established a high degree of trust in them.”
Steven L.

Logistics Department

“Not only did EDI save our customers a ton of time, but we knew it would also be phenomenal savings for our company in the long run. After we saw the competitive pricing proposed by EDI, it was something we just had to do.”
Tracy G.

Traffic Manager

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